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Speaking with Holton at Alligator Performance who told me he would give me a discount if I placed my order over the phone with him, which was a lie. after I placed the order I viewed the parts on their website and it was $70 less.

I called them the following day and was issued a refund but that's when it gets interesting. 48 hours after I called and requested a refund someone in Houston TX went on a shopping spree using my card!!

I'm assuming they didn't like the fact I had requested a refund for the difference in pricing they tried to screw me out of so they passed along my card info (which I should of never have given them over the phone). Very screwy company and I would certainly not recommend.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That seems like a very bolt accusation without any proof. CC's are hacked/stolen every day i have a hard time believing a company would just give out someones CC info

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